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VCK Needs YOU!

VCK Democratic Women are motivated and determined to make a political impact in our community and state, and we need you! Following the challenges of the pandemic, we are rarin' to go. To continue the work of seeking truth in government, supporting/encouraging progressive women candidates, and working for social justice, your support is needed.

Please join/re-join VCK at, and click on the ActBlue link. Membership is only $30 for 2022.

Be empowered through our monthly meetings, beginning in person this month. Get involved with voter registration drives. Keep informed about candidates and legislative issues. Support candidates through the VCK PAC--together making a difference stronger than individuals. Provide community events, such as the recent Langston High School presentation, to increase diversity and dialogue within our community. This is the work of VCK. Won't you please join us?

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