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Pride Support Critical!

The threats and issues seem endless: gun violence, Jan 6 insurrection hearings, possible overturn of Roe v Wade, and increased threats by some states to the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. It's all a reminder that we need each other--intelligent, strong and kind women gathering together.

Check out this article in the Washington Post about the recent nasty Texas Republican Convention, and pay particular attention to their platform related to the LGBTQ+ community. "Texas would officially declare 'that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.' It would redefine marriage as a 'covenant only between one biological man and one biological woman.' " There's more horrifying information in this article at

What can we do? To begin with, come to the VCK Member Meeting this Tuesday, June 28 at 5:30 pm, Central Theatre of Hot Springs. We'll hear from Chris Rix, businessman and entrepreneur of Hot Springs plus Heather Buckley, ally board member of the Hot Springs LGBTQ+ alliance. Bring a friend, have some fun, and learn more about our city. Light appetizers will be served, and a cash bar is available at the theatre.

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