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Impressive Democratic Candidates!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

A full house of Democrats filled Whittington Place on Feb. 20 to meet and learn from our statewide and local candidates. Many VCK members were on hand assist with the event and discuss issues with the candidates. The diversity of candidates, including women and persons of color, was certainly refreshing! These smart, dedicated and passionate candidates deserve our votes! And we must get out the votes.

A couple of notable quotes:

Jay Martin (candidate for governor) quoting PJ O'Rourke: Republicans say that government doesn't work, then they get elected and prove it!

Judy Ladd (District 91 Statehouse): Bitchin isn't fixin!

Josh Price, candidate for Secretary of State, was the only Democrat on the state Election Commission overseeing the 2020 election. He shared a poignant story of an elderly woman who voted by mail, but her signature didn't match the one on file. Included with her ballot was a statement that she had suffered a severe stroke, and therefore she couldn't sign her name as before. Also included were notarized letters from her physician and her husband. The two Republican commissioners disqualified her ballot on the grounds that the signature didn't match, saying they weren't doctors and couldn't make the call. Many of the candidates, including Mr. Price, reminded us that our voting rights and democracy are in grave danger.

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